5 Things Retailers Look for in a Point of Sale System

Today’s retail point of sale solutions are secure, user-friendly, and affordable, but there are so many options that it’s difficult for many retailers to make the right choice. Below is a list of things sellers look for and need in a POS system and payment partner.

Ease of Use

With the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and touch-enabled computers, people expect the POS systems they use to have the same capabilities. When sales are going on, retailers need terminals that are user-intuitive, fast, and serve multiple purposes. Whether a merchant needs an all-in-one solution or a traditional terminal, they should keep usability top-of-mind.

Cloud Connectivity

As far as software is concerned, merchants look for the least hassle possible. Retailers are increasingly turning to cloud-based POS systems for their payment needs. These systems have automatic updates, information access from any place with an internet connection, and comprehensive security. A tablet-based POS system may be a smart choice because it takes the burden of maintenance and updates away from the retailer.

Added Services

Today’s POS systems offer opportunities to include value-added services. Retailers like payment providers who offer tools such as analytics, reports, inventory and labor management, and promotions. With these value-adders, payment service providers build retailer loyalty while helping their customers succeed.


Data breaches are a common occurrence, and retailers are understandably concerned about security. These breaches can be very devastating to a small retailer not only in terms of revenue losses but also reputational damage, lost sales, and diminished future opportunities. When retailers choose a POS system, they should ensure portfolios meet the highest PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.

Easy Peripherals

Card readers, printers, cash drawers, and other peripherals are more than mere commodities. Plug-and-play peripherals are designed for easy adaptability, quick setup, and effortless use.

Move to a Modern Point of Sale System

It’s important for sellers to choose the right POS system for their needs. By determining what’s most important, a seller can make an informed decision in determining which products to use. For more information on today’s best point of sale systems, peripherals, and services, visit the website or call today.