Google Analytics Ghost Spam – How To Remove Fake Referral Websites From Your Reports

Ghost SPAM is a new type of fake Google Analytics spam which people try and use to refer others to their sales page/website via the referral notices on your logs.



The way the process works is that a fake bot company (could be in Russia) sends out millions of requests to different websites every hour. They then scope these requests around a “referral” (typically a fake website/domain) with the intention of having it appear in your analytics logs.

Types of domains typically used:

getpy-more-free-visitors (.) info
get-more-freeen-visitors (.) info
get-more-freeer-visitors (.) info
get-more-freele-visitors (.) info
get-more-freeish-visitors (.) info
get-morebit-free-visitors (.) info
MANY more (seriously – there are a lot)
If you see any of the above (or similar) domains populating the “referral” portion of your Google Analytics reports for various domains, the simple truth is that the visitors from those sources will likely be 100% fake.
Despite making your site look popular, the traffic is worthless. Whilst this might not be a huge concern to some people, if you’re running a business and need to keep track of your company’s growth through its traffic stats, it’s important to have an accurate representation of the peple visiting your pages. This can only be done by removing the fake traffic.

To do this, there are two pieces of functionality inside Google Analytics which we need to use – Filters and Segments. Combining these will remove all of the fake traffic from your results.

How To Remove Fake Traffic From GA

1. Filters

The first step is to apply filters to any traffic you may have.

These don’t do anything with the current traffic, only future ones. It streamlines the process and ensures the system can run as smoothly as possible.

There are several filters which should be added to the … Read More